SimpleMap is excited to announce that we now offer premium support for our users. (Standard support will now be facilitated through the support forums).

Premium Support Perks:

  1. Premium support subscribers have access to a private user forum. You will have access to SimpleMap developers, a FAQ, and an archive of other support requests by other premium subscribers.
  2. Premium support subscribers are guaranteed a speedy response to their questions and bug reports (1 work day).
  3. Premium support subscribers enjoy a 10% discount on any custom work from SimpleMap developers.
  4. Premium support subscribers get first vote and voice concerning new features for SimpleMap.
  5. As a bonus perk, we’re going to give premium subscribers access to the next release of SimpleMap ahead of everyone else. We’re guessing this will be a 6-12 month advance on new features depending on what we’re developing. (We’re looking to push new features every month to premium support subscribers).

Registering for Premium Support
Signing up is REALLY EASY. You just click the paypal button found in your WordPress dashboard, go pay, and when you come back to the admin, you have access to the support forums and an upgrade notice waiting for you (It may take 30 seconds and a couple page loads, but it will automatically upgrade you… pretty cool, huh?).

Accessing Premium Support Forums
All access to the forums in initiated via your WordPress dashboard. You can either use the inline JavaScript widget or open up a new tab for the support forums. Either way though, it is initiated via the plugin admin pages.