SimpleMap has a large set of features. Here are some of the more popular ones:

Location Taxonomies
SimpleMap allows you to organize your locations by category or tag. These taxonomies are separate from your blog taxonomies so there won’t be any confusion. If you know PHP, you can add your own taxonomies as well!

Full Control
SimpleMap allows you to easily set the Google Maps domain, the map type, the starting location, and more on a site wide or per map basis. Our robust General Options page lets you setup default configurations for all your maps. Fine tune individual instances with shortcode overrides.

Custom Markers
SimpleMap allows you to add custom markers to your Google Maps. You can replace the default Google pin with your own image based on the specific location or taxonomy. Detailed instructions can be found on our premium support site. Some coding (copy / paste) is required initially but it’s all preserved during updates.

Import / Export
We would hate for you to feel like your data was ever held hostage by our software! SimpleMap allows you to quickly and easily export all your location data via CSV or the WordPress core exporter. We also allow you to import locations from CSV’s as well.

Powerful Shortcodes and Widgets
We have a large array of customization that can be displayed with our powerful shortcodes and widgets.

Custom Post Types
Locations are stored as a custom post type in WordPress and allows you to take advantage of all the powerful features you use with pages and blog posts. This type of flexibility doesn’t exist in other WordPress¬†mapping¬†plugins.