The search form is currently a table with columns and rows.  The following attributes can be used in the shortcode to control the structure of the search form:

To control the number of columns in the table, use the attribute below (the default is 3):


To control which fields appear in the search form, use the attribute below:


The arguments for this attribute are as follows:

labelbr_street – Outputs the Street field in the search form

labelbr_city – Outputs the City field in the search form

labelbr_state – Outputs the State field in the search form

labelbr_zip – Outputs the ZIP field in the search form

labeltd_distance – Outputs the Distance field in the search form

labeltd_sm-category – Outputs the Categories field in the search form

labeltd_sm-tag – Outputs the Tags field in the search form

labeltd_sm-day- Outputs the Days field in the search form

labeltd_sm-time- Outputs the Time field in the search form

submit – Outputs the submit button

empty – Outputs an empty cell

Use these arguments along with the || separator to create your form structure.  Remember to base your structure off the number of columns in your table and use the empty argument to create empty cells in your table to align your form correctly.