Location Defaults

Google Maps Domain – Use this dropdown to select your preferred Google Maps domain

Default Country – Use this dropdown to select your default country for the map

Default State/Province – Enter the official abbreviation for the default State or Province for the map

Address Format – Use this dropdown to select the address format you wish to use

Map Configuration

Google Maps API Key – Enter your free Google Maps API Key in this field. You a free Google Maps API key from https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key#get-an-api-key

Starting Location – Enter the starting location address for your map in the field and click the Geocode Address button to geocode this into Latitude and Longitude coordinates for the address

Distance Units – Select whether to display distances in Miles or Kilometers

Default Search Radius – Select the default search radius for the map

Number of Results to Display – Select the number of results to display before pagination is used

Auto-Load Database – Select whether to automatically display all locations, no locations or just locations that match the default search form values

Default Zoom Level – Select the default zoom level for the map

Special Location Label – Enter a term such as “Featured Location” here to display a checkbox on the Add / Edit Location screen, which, when checked will display the label and a gold star next to the location in the results. This is meant to flag certain locations with a specific label. It could be used for something like that, or for “Favorite Spots,” or “Free Wi-Fi,” or anything you want. You can leave it blank to disable it.

Map Page IDs – Enter a comma separated list of page IDs for any pages or posts where you have added the SimpleMap shortcode. This ensures that the SimpleMap JavaScript code is only displayed on these pages and reduces the risk of a plugin or theme conflict. NOTE: If you are using a multi language plugin such as WPML that creates different pages for each language then you must add the Page ID of each page here.

Optional / Experimental Features

Permalinks – Enabling this option and entering a permalink label will enable the single location pages which display all information about a location when it is clicked on in the results

Location Taxonomies – Use these checkboxes to enable each of the available location taxonomies

Auto-detect Location – Select whether to use IP Address or  HTML5 location auto-detection. IP Address location auto-detection will attempt to determine the location of the user by their IP address. HTML5 location auto-detection will display a browser prompt asking the user whether they want to share the location via their browser.

Map Style Defaults

Map Size – Enter the width and height for the map

Default Map Type – Select which map type you want to use

Theme – Select from two default  themes or add your own theme

Display Search Form – Select whether to display the search form or hide it and just display the map and results

Delete SimpleMap Data

Use these links to either delete all locations but preserve your settings or delete all locations and settings and restore the plugin to its defaults