2.6 – February 8, 2019

2.5 – Released on February 28th, 2017

  • IMPORTANT! This is a major update; we’ve made huge improvements to the map code. If you have custom CSS for your map, check your main map and single locations in your test environment.
  • SimpleMap is now fully responsive, CSS can be overridden in your theme stylesheet
  • Major improvements to the single location pages
  • Map dimensions on single location pages can now be controlled using CSS
  • Improvements to the HTML markup to make it easier to theme SimpleMap
  • Phone numbers are now clickable to dial
  • Removed legacy sensor parameter for maps
  • Added full map controls for map on single locations page
  • Improved loading speed for maps
  • Improved map loading animation
  • Added website URL and fax number to single location pages
  • Fixed issue with permalink refresh
  • Added conditional to enqueue stylesheet and scripts on single location pages
  • Improvements to codebase to remove old unused code
  • New documentation including theming guide – Released on January 7th, 2017

  • Update for WordPress 2.4.7.x
  • Exit gracefully if FT server isn’t available
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved documentation

2.4.11 – Released on January 23rd, 2017

  • Updated to use built-in WordPress dashboard menu
  • Reduced plugin file size and improved translation support
  • Code cleanup and optimization
  • Changed minimum WordPress requirement to v3.3
  • Improved location import screen
  • Improvements and bug fixes for compatibility with WPML
  • Fixed bug with missing location data after restoring from trash
  • Fixed bug with missing categories and tags after location import
  • Fixed bug with remove all data link
  • Fixed bug with temp upload location for location import files – Released on August 16th, 2016

  • Update for WordPress 4.6

2.4.10 – Released on June 30th, 2016

  • Important Update! Google now requires a (free) API key. Update, get an API key, and enter it into your settings

2.4.9 – Released on June 17th, 2016

This release has a lot on under the hood performance improvements, code optimizations, lots of small bugfixes, etc, including:

  • New geolocation by IP service
  • New support for WPML (configure WPML with URL variables
  • Get directions opens in new tab
  • Signup now link opens in new tab
  • Improve layout of map page locations
  • Update CSV code
  • WordPress Coding Standards improvements
  • Fix for undefined index
  • Increase compatibility with latest versions of PHP/futureproofing code
  • Resolved jQuery conflict with some plugins
  • Improvements to UX of single maps page
  • Added PHP Docblocks
  • Improvements to database queries
  • Improved security of form
  • Improved memory resource usage
  • Fixed donation link 🙂

2.4.8 – Released on December 13th, 2015

  • Bugfix release for Google API changes
  • Update for WordPress 4.4

2.4.7- Released on February 20th, 2015

  • Bugfix release for Google API changes
  • Now using InfoBox instead of InfoWindow for marker bubble
  • Replaced freegeoip service with telize for IP geolocation feature


  • Bugfix release for Google API changes
  • Fixed display of marker bubble


  • Compatibility release for WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed warnings on WP_DEBUG
  • Cleaned up all uses of $wpdb->prepare() for WordPress 3.5


  • Added filters to menu item permissions
  • Don’t display map updating image if map is hidden
  • Show error if over Google API limit
  • Added ability to to show description in search results with a filter
  • Fixed typo with call to wp_get_current_user
  • Fixed bug that prevented locations less than 1KM from being returned
  • Passing current WordPress post/page ID to search script
  • Fixed bug that created memory errors when large amount of locations were deleted at once
  • Fixed bug that created memory errors on medium size DBs during export. Still need to refactor for large exports
  • Change locations from hierarchical to non-hierarchical to avoid poor WP query
  • Fixed error that prevented permalink map from rendering in IE


  • Added filter to allow devs to remove loading image
  • Added filter to allow devs to change sort order
  • Added language options for Google Maps API call to allow for additional localization
  • Changed the name of the CSV class to prevent conflicts with other plugins
  • Removed some random characters appearing in location pages
  • Change HTTP/1.1 200 OK header to Status: 200 OK’, false, 200
  • Added ability to hide bubble description with filter
  • Switch paramater order in call to maps.googleapis.com that was causing errors
  • Fixed permalink error
  • Added auto-locate options to experimental features


  • Changed XML in search class to json
  • Fix broken taxonomy filters
  • Fix error caused when deleting all locations when no categories exist
  • Changed query params to get directions links to reflect Googles changes
  • Fixed display bug associated with “Now Loading” image when small maps are used
  • Forced 200 status in header of xml-search.php script


  • Revamped the way we pass locaitonData and searchData back and forth between JS functions (placed in objects)
  • Made custom JS function for Custom Markers future proof (this is not backwards compatible but will be from here out)
  • Fixed errors in options-general.php
  • Fixed bad tabbing that snuck into the code
  • Fixed autoload bug introduced in 2.4
  • Fixed taxonomy shortcodes.


  • Added ability to activate location permalinks
  • Google Maps API version 3
  • Added Google Streetview
  • Implemented foundation for future templating system
  • Added ability to delete all locations but to preserve settings
  • Added cancel link to second stage of import process
  • Added code to remove a hook added by the AddThis plugin that breaks results
  • Added map_type and zoom_level to shortcode options
  • Relaxed permissions on SM menu items
  • Applied label filters for categories in widget (to match search form)
  • Allow custom taxonomies to be integrated into the SimpleMap API and attached to the sm-location custom post type
  • Allow for custom taxonomies to be imported and created on the fly
  • Added ability to span table cells via shortcode
  • Added markers to titles
  • Added autoload shortcode
  • Fixed error where not all categories are imported in some instances
  • Don’t autozoom search results on initial page load
  • Changed location of temp XML upload file and added the blog id to file handle for ** * MultiSite configurations
  • Added missing filters for search form text
  • Only pass non-empty post_content through ‘the_content’ filter in case submit button is not included, attached an invisible submit button so that hitting Enter in the address fields still works
  • Reorganized column counting function and added in safety limitations to avoid all rows from being combined when the column count doesn’t exactly match
  • W3C and performance enhancements
  • Only save options when they have changed
  • Fixed the lat / lng and zoom settings on a permalink location map
  • Fixed error causing 404 for location permalinks after initial activation
  • Added a pin to indicate search lat/lng location as well as additional pin colors that can be set with a filter
  • Fixed error message appearing in some instances of deleting locations from General Options screen
  • Import / Export modification to make sure we convert old CSV values to new ones.
  • Added region to Google Maps API call to fix default google domain * Added some additional CSS classes to map bubbles and search results divs
  • Fixed some JS errors that broke search results in some cases
  • Fixed issue that prevented adsense from showing in some instances
  • Template class refining
  • Enabled custom markers for permalink pages
  • Made taxonomy information available on permalink page
  • Fix autoload shortcode argument
  • Added titles to markers
  • Additional actions, filters, whitespace formatting, and notifications


  • Refactored XML Search query. Very large speed improvements to search
  • Fixed bug returning false negatives with low limit + taxonomy combo on search
  • Added South Africa Google domain
  • Made Google Domains and Country names array filterable
  • Revamped functions that identify plugin path and plugin URL to work with SSL and non-standard setups
  • Minor CSS changes
  • Replaced calls to get_option( ‘site_url’ ) with site_url()
  • Removed debugging code at top of XML-Search.php that was lowering PHP memory_limit
  • Fixed limit shortcode so that it works again


  • Added a fallback that geocodes new locations via JS when PHP doesn’t work because of 620 status from Google
  • Added ability to use a select box for taxonomies in the search form (rather than checkboxes)
  • Fixed bug that allowed results to show up in search
  • Fixed bug preventing drag and drop location from updating address in some locations
  • Added actions to the load_simplemap JS function


  • Add a fallback XML generator for servers without DOMDocument Installed
  • Added ids to search form tr and td elements to allow manipulation via CSS / JS
  • Refactored parts of XML search script for optimization
  • Forced JS header as 200. Some hosts were reporting status for PHP as JS to be 400.
  • Added WP_IMPORTING flag while importing locations.
  • Fixed some HTML Validation issues in the Search form (have one more to root out)


  • Added additional filters to search admin form so that search form field labels can be modified without using the .pot file.


  • Revamped the search form making it extremly flexible via shortcode arguments (see KB article on premium support site)
  • Reformulated the main search query to trim search results to 1/10 the time of that introduced in 2.0 (more work still to be done here)
  • Added multiple filters that allow for customization of text labels / tabs / visual elements in the map and search results
  • Added more than a dozen new shortcode arguments for overriding General Settings on a per map instance (see KB article on premium support site)
  • Added 2 new optional taxonomies (Days and Times)
  • Added optional ability to add Google Adwords for maps overlay to map
  • Removed caching system introduced in 2.2.1 as it was failing for large DBs
  • Fixed country code problem in General Settings
  • Fixed bug that prevented default zoom level from working
  • Fixed bug that prevented auto load all locations in some setups
  • Limited total number of auto load locations. It proved impractical to load them all if you had a large DB
  • Added instructional descriptions to General Settings that proved confusing to users
  • Fixed bug preventing radius from working in some setups


  • Hotfix to prevent conflicts with WP 3.1 admin bar. Bug existed prior to WP 3.1 but was unnoticeable. It breaks toolbar in WP 3.1. Fix corrects the problem.


  • Added ‘Loading’ message to map when doing search
  • Added caching system to speed up repeated searches on systems with large amounts of locations
  • Added filters to compensate for WP Bug when more than 10k locations exist
  • Fixed bug that prevented locations from appearing when searched from widget and search form is hidden
  • Fixed bug that prevented categories and tags from being imported correctly on some systems
  • Fixed bug that prevented ‘No Limit’ option for number of results shown to be set.
  • Fixed autoload bug introduced in 2.2
  • Fixed bug that prevented changing of Default Country in options


  • Added ability to customize map markers without hacking plugin files
  • Added ability to filter locations by meeting day and time
  • Added search widget
  • Added shortcode argument for custom search form title
  • Fixed errors that broke distance reporting
  • Fixed errors that locked up the edit screen with large number of locations
  • Fixed error that created bad XML link when no search results were found
  • Added several warning / error messages to UI
  • Fixed error that prevented custom style sheets from loading properly


  • Added shortcode args to hide map
  • Added shortcode args to hide list of results
  • Added shortcode args to hide entire search box
  • Added shortcode args to override default lat / lng for individual maps


  • Hotfix to prevent conflicts with WP 3.1 admin bar. Bug existed prior to WP 3.1 but was unnoticeable. It breaks toolbar in WP 3.1. Fix corrects the problem.


  • First major overhaul since FullThrottle took over development
  • Custom Post Types and Taxonomies for Locations, Location Categories, and Location Tags.
  • All scripts and styles are now enqueued to prevent conflicts
  • Custom MySQL queries have been reduced to 1. The rest have been replaced by WordPress API functions.
  • Overhauled search form allows more control
  • Additional shortag attributes allows more search form flexibility
  • Drag and Drop map available on New / Edit Location screen to fine tune placement of location
  • Autoload of locations on by default.
  • Multiple bug fixes covered in switch to custom post types and WordPress DB API (functions and $wpdb)
  • Several hooks and filters added to code (more to come in the future)
  • Option added to General Options screen that allows complete deletion of all SimpleMap data
  • Revamped Import / Export process. Import process now allows fine tuning of column data
  • Ability to export legacy ( prior to version 2.0 ) data into CSV
  • Ability to completely remove legacy database tables and data
  • Ability to create categories / tags on the fly during CSV import
  • Premium Support Option Added


  • Modified URL references to admin pages to fix ‘Do not have permissions’ errors that occurred in WP 3.0
  • Modified the way existing form values are populated in the admin pages
  • Plugin development was taken over by FullThrottle Development


  • First stable release of version 1.2 (identical to version 1.2b4)


  • Cleaned up the scripts loaded in the head section of the page.
  • Added ability to specify page IDs on which to load the map scripts.
  • Separated CSS from Javascript in the head section to hopefully make it more compatible with the “Javascript to the Bottom” plugin.


  • Fixed error where database table was not being created on install/activation of plugin
  • Text search works on name, description, and tags (but not on categories yet – still in progress)
  • Changing a location’s address in Quick Edit forces you to re-geocode before saving the changes
  • Added ability to specify an address format (order of fields in the City line)
  • Page now scrolls to map when you click on a location in the results list


  • “Get Directions” link now uses custom Google Maps country domain (as set in General Options)
  • Added translation support for a few strings that were missing it (including “Fax” and “Tags”)
  • Fixed the bubble-height problem (hopefully for good this time)
  • Added ability to re-geocode address when changing the database with Quick Edit
  • Info bubble correctly displays category name instead of ID number
  • Removed “get computed style” function, which should eliminate that error in any browsers


  • Added tags
  • Multiple maps (on different posts/pages only)
  • Maps with specific categories
  • Searching by name or keyword now searches the Name, Description, Category, and Tags fields
  • Improved CSV support
  • Added ability to choose Google Maps domain (.com, .co.uk, etc.)


  • Added Help page to de-clutter the other admin pages, and allow for more thorough explanations of features
  • Improved CSV import: Now includes an option to quickly import large files if the locations are already geocoded
  • Improved latitude/longitude handling: The values are now directly editable on the Manage Database page, and any new location (added on the Add Location page OR via CSV import) that has latitude/longitude already set will keep those values intact
  • Improved Auto-Load: There is now an option to auto-load all locations in the database, and it automatically disables itself if there are more than 100 locations (to prevent crashing browsers)
  • Improved Auto-Load: There is now an option to lock the auto-load to your default location, instead of the map centering itself on the loaded locations
  • Improved map display: Numerous CSS fixes added to ensure that map overlays display properly
  • Improved state/province: Is now a text field instead of a drop-down list, so any value can be entered
  • Added ability to sort the database by column on the Manage Database page
  • Added ability to change the number of search results shown (was previously limited to 20)
  • Fixed bug: Info bubble should now expand properly when a location’s name/category takes up more than one line
  • Added questions to FAQ in Readme file


  • Fixed bug: “Get Directions” link in location’s info bubble no longer inserts “null” in the destination address
  • Fixed bug: Single quotes in a location’s name and address are no longer preceded by a backslash in the results display


  • Fixed bug: Javascript code was breaking map functionality and the Geocode Address button in the General Options (Internet Explorer/Firefox only)


  • Support for Cyrillic characters
  • Autoloading locations now respects the default zoom level set in General Options
  • Link to sign up for Google Maps API key will link to a translated signup page (English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Russian, and Chinese)
  • Fixed bug causing error when adding a location before any categories had been created
  • Fixed bug causing the default country to reset to “United States”
  • Fixed bug regarding duplicate function names; all function names are now unique to the plugin


  • New Feature: Support for international locations
  • New Feature: HTML descriptions for locations
  • New Feature: Custom categories for locations
  • New Feature: Choose to show or hide the search box with the map
  • New Feature: Geocode your default location right in the Admin section
  • Simplified Autoload feature: automatically loads at the default location
  • Improved Admin interface
  • Slightly improved CSV compatibility (in regards to quotation marks)
  • Fixed bug causing map overlays to display strangely when a background color was applied to images in that WordPress theme


  • Fixed bug that was causing map to always appear at the top of a page or post
  • Modified CSV importing function to be more flexible about quotation marks
  • Modified paging in the Manage Database screen to better accomodate a large number of pages
  • Added button to Manage Database screen to clear entire database
  • Added German & Spanish translations
  • Fixed some tiny cosmetic errors
  • Removed some redundant code in the Manage Database screen


  • Changed required WordPress version to 2.8


  • Added support for localization
  • Fixed bug causing fatal error when trying to activate the plugin


  • Added optional “Powered by SimpleMap” link to map display


  • Fixed bug that was showing “.svn” in the drop-down list of themes
  • Added the ability to automatically load the map results from a given location
  • Added the ability to change the default search radius
  • Added support for both miles and kilometers
  • Fixed invalid markup in search form
  • Fixed invalid markup in Google Maps script call
  • Fixed bug appearing on certain servers when trying to access remote file created by Google Maps


  • Fixed a folder structure problem where an auto-install from within WordPress would give a missing header error.


  • Initial release