SimpleMap 2.4 is now available to all Premium Support Subscribers. This release has been a long time coming and includes multiple bug fixes and new features. Below you will find a couple of changes to pay careful attention to before upgrading, followed by a complete changelog.

Google Maps API v 3.
We have made the switch from Google Maps version 2 to version 3. One side effect here is that version 3 of Google Maps no longer supports the extra tab in the popup display. Many of you weren’t using this before so it shouldn’t be a problem. For those of you that were using it, the description has been moved below the location information inside the bubble.

Location Permalinks
This has been the most requested feature over the past year that FullThrottle has owned the plugin. We are happy to say that we’ve finally reached a point in the development of the plugin that we feel like we can release a stable version of this. The primary concern in the past has been how to address the question “What do you see when you go to a permalink page?” And “How can our users control that content in a template based system?” These question are addressed in full on the Premium Forums. To remain backwards compatible and to prevent an upgrade from automatically changing the functionality of ones web site, permalinks are turned off by default. To enable them, you’ll have to visit the General Settings page in your SimpleMap options.

Please make sure that you are aware of both of the changes prior to upgrading this.

Complete Changelog

  • Added ability to turn on location permalinks
  • Google Maps API version 3
  • Streetview
  • Options to activate permalinks for locations
  • Foundation for templating system
  • Added ability to delete all locations but to preserve settings
  • Added cancel link to second stage of import process
  • Added code to remove a hook added by the AddThis plugin that breaks results
  • Added map_type and zoom_level to shortcode options
  • Relax permissions on SM menu items
  • Applied label filters for categories in widget (to match search form)
  • Allow custom taxonomies to be integrated into the SimpleMap API and attached to the sm-location custom post type
  • Allow for custom taxonomies to be imported and created on the fly
  • Added ability to span table cells via shortcode
  • Added markers to titles
  • Added autoload shortcode
  • Fixed error where not all categories are imported in some instances
  • Don’t autozoom search results on initial page load
  • Changed location of temp XML upload file and added the blog id to file handle for ** * MultiSite configurations
  • Added missing filters for search form text
  • Only pass non-empty post_content through ‘the_content’ filter in case submit button is not included, attached an invisible submit button so that hitting Enter in the address fields still works
  • Reorganized column counting function and added in safety limitations to avoid all rows from being combined when the column count doesn’t exactly match
  • W3C and performance enhancements
  • Only save options when they have changed
  • Fixed the lat / lng and zoom settings on a permalink location map
  • Fixed error causing 404 for location permalinks after initial activation
  • Added a pin to indicate search lat/lng location as well as additional pin colors that can be set with a filter
  • Fixed error message appearing in some instances of deleting locations from General Options screen
  • Import / Export modification to make sure we convert old CSV values to new ones.
  • Added region to Google Maps API call to fix default google domain * Added some additional CSS classes to map bubbles and search results divs
  • Fixed some JS errors that broke search results in some cases
  • Fixed issue that prevented adsense from showing in some instances
  • Template class refining
  • Enabled custom markers for permalink pages
  • Made taxonomy information available on permalink page
  • Fix autoload shortcode argument
  • Added titles to markers
  • Additional actions, filters, whitespace formatting, and notifications